Yearning for yoga

My world has been upside down for the last seven weeks- and I like it!

After more than thirty years of feeling like an outsider desperately trying to get in to an exclusive club, I’m truly discovering yoga for the first time. I’m working at finding my flexibility, strength, focus and clarity. I’m finding my balance.

When I first tried yoga in the ’80’s it was all about fast flow- really more like aerobics. As a beginner unfamiliar with the postures, the pace of the class made it hard to know if I was doing it right, or even how I felt. And with the blaring music, there was no opportunity to ask any questions. I found the whole experience overwhelming. When my fitness club membership lapsed, so did I.

But there was something about the practice that that kept calling me, so over the years I repeatedly found myself back at the mat.  Many of my experiences were frustrating and some even resulted in chronic injury, but I knew true yoga offered something  my soul was craving and I had a strong desire to keep trying.

Eventually, a trip to Divine Mother India with a group of like minded women unlocked the mystery that had been eluding me for so long. I was introduced to the philosophies of Hinduism and Buddhism and I got to participate in ancient rituals in sacred spaces. I learned to engage my body in order to release my mind. I began to understand how to breathe, and how to be still.  As the strength and steadiness increased in my body, I experienced clarity in my mind and felt the expansion of my spirit. My journey of frustration was finally behind me; it was the experience I had been yearning for all these years.

While I wish I had discovered the magic of true yoga much sooner in my life, I content myself knowing that while I am a beginner, I have the benefit of not having a beginner’s mind.  There is much to learn, but the wisdom and patience I have acquired over the years are serving me well.

It is famously said that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. I’m now enrolled in Yoga Teacher Training in a spectacular setting; a tree top studio in the South African bush. Under the guidance of a very wise teacher , I’m  focused, dedicated  and working hard. I’m committed to helping others who are yearning for yoga. I am becoming the teacher I was seeking all along.

Working on postures in the Devahiti Tree Top studio

Exploring Divine Mother India with soulful teacher Belinda O’Dea

Learning every day under the guidance of Devahiti founder and teacher Ena During


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