Two girls and an elephant - Ian and Jacquie

Now Available: Onward! An image for an Elephant Icon

Jacquie presenting print 1/25 to Dr. Douglas-Hamilton

An original painting by Two Girls and an Elephant created for Dr. Iain Douglas-Hamilton who has committed a lifetime  to saving elephants.

For over 50 years, Iain Douglas Hamilton has dedicated his life to saving the African Elephant.

His research and his voice alerted the world to the ivory crisis in the ‘70’s and ‘80’s, and he argued for the worldwide ban on ivory trade.  In 1993 he founded Save the Elephants to secure the future for elephants by preserving their environments and encouraging a tolerant relationship between elephant herds and human populations. Dr. Douglas-Hamilton recently spoke at a fundraiser in Johannesburg for Elephants Alive, Two Girls charity of choice. We were honoured to create an original piece inspired by his work, and to present him with the first Limited Edition Print at the event.

The original oil on elephant dung painting and the remaining limited edition prints are now on sale, with fifty percent of the sale price being donated to Elephants Alive South Africa.  Click here to order

Now more than ever, elephants are under siege, but Douglas-Hamilton remains optimistic that this second spike in poaching can be stopped. “I’ve been through all of this before.” he said, “As a collective group we stopped that killing, and in the savannahs there was a reprieve of 20 years.

I believe we can do it again.”


Alicia and Onward! Original oil on elephant dung paper image by Two Girls and an Elephant created for Iain Douglas Hamilton


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