Two girls and an elephant - Ian and Jacquie

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Jacquie presenting print 1/25 to Dr. Douglas-Hamilton An original painting by Two Girls and an Elephant created for Dr. Iain Douglas-Hamilton who has committed a lifetime  to saving elephants. For over 50 years, Iain Douglas Hamilton has dedicated his life to saving the African Elephant. His research and his voice alerted the world to the...
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Entertaining for Elephants

A big thanks to our friend Canadian singer Denise Pelley and our friend journalist/guitarist Joel Roerig from Hoedspruit . The pair performed on Two Girls' behalf in return for a donation to Elephants Alive. Thanks to Tracy and Martin DenDunnen for the opportunity to entertain the pilots at the Hat and Creek the night before the incredible...
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Precious - Two girls and an elephant

A “Precious” Piece of Art

The mother stands over her precious calf, sheltering him from the sun. She carried him for twenty two months before giving birth.  For the next two years she will keep him by her side to teach and protect him as he finds his place in the herd and discovers his world. "Precious" is a unique piece painted in oil on elephant dung paper. Please...
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Two girls and an elephant - Protect the elephants

Spreading the Word

Thanks to the Klaserie Chronicle for publishing this piece written just after our amazing experience with the Global March for Elephants and Rhinos. May 2015 be the year that attitudes change world wide, the demand for ivory and rhino horn drops  and poaching becomes a thing of the past!
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Elephant Energy Flowing!

After so much positive energy being focused on our beloved elephants at the Global March event, I felt sure that I would see lots of elephants this week.  I was so convinced, that when I set out for my weekly drive into the Timbavati Game Reserve, I gave myself an extra hour to get there.  I should have given myself more time.  I met my...
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What a feeling!

Thousands of people in 136 communities across 6 continents came together yesterday to urge all our governments to take action to protect our precious wildlife. The Girls were thrilled to be part of the walk in Hoedspruit at Zandspuit Bush and Aero Estate. Our march took us through the beautiful bushveld and a dry riverbed with the magnificent...
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We March Today!

Today is the day! The Global March for Elephants and Rhinos is happening in 127 cities all over the world! This painting is symbolic of the plight of our beautiful elephants. It is called "Vanishing Majesty" We will not let these magnificent creatures fade away! Please do what you can- march, sign a petition to ban ivory carving factories...
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