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MONKEY BUSINESS For years we've coexisted pretty much peacefully with our furry neighbours, the vervet monkeys.  Sure, if you aren't careful and leave a door or window open they will sneak in and eat anything in sight.  I've lost countless bananas, mangoes and avocados, a carton of eggs and even a highly coveted piece of carrot cake to...
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BIG Beautiful Elephants

Stuart and Katrin wanted a special piece to make a BIG statement in the bedroom of their beautiful home in the bush. They chose to have an oil on canvas painting based on a photograph of a herd of elephants crossing a dry riverbed. To accent the orange feature wall in their room, the Two Girls created an image in black and white. The couple...
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Adventures in Canada While Alicia was busy painting and producing new Two Girls and an Elephant greeting cards(more on that soon) Jacquie was in Canada promoting her book The Gift of an Elephant.  She was thrilled to be interviewed live onstage by host Fred Hacker for "A Day In The Life"at the Midland Cultural Centre....
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Music, Art and Joy in South Sudan

The team from Canadian Aid for South Sudan has just returned from their annual trip to the village of Gordhim.  For the children in the area, the arrival of the Canadians means playtime! Over 350 children turn up every day, some walking many kilometers each morning to take part in the annual art and music camp. Two Girls and an Elephant...
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Beautiful Birds

Those of us who are blessed to live in the South African bush are surrounded by beauty literally  from the moment we awaken each morning.  When Tracy and Martin den Dunnen open their eyes often the first thing they see are colourful kingfishers. The beautiful birds dart in and out of the tree outside their bedroom window.  Tracy wanted...
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Wine, Women and Art

It was a winning combination at Witschi Weine in St. Gallen Switzerland. The opening of our exhibition of canvas pieces hosted by Sandro and Nathalie Haser at their wonderful wine boutique also allowed us Two Girls to share some of our favourite South African wines with our new friends in Switzerland.  Thanks to all those who came out to...
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The total is in and the prints are available!

Music, Art and Africa was a magical evening at the Grand Theatre in London, Ontario. The event launched Jacquie Gauthier's book The Gift of an Elephant and showcased the art of Two Girls and an Elephant and Nicola Coady, as well as the music of Denise Pelley.  $3,300 was raised for the art and music camp in South Sudan, which is the highlight...
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Two Girls and an Elephant in the Alps

The Girls are very excited to announce their up-coming exhibitions in Switzerland. A collection of oil on elephant dung paper pieces will make its debut at Macelleria D’Arte from 19th of November until the end of December 2015.09.25 The opening night of the exhibition will also be the European launch of Jacquie Gauthier’s Book “The...
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Sexy Beast

The lion may be king of beasts, but the leopard is surely the sex symbol. This guy was posing seductively in the riverbed waking up from a long afternoon nap.  This original oil on elephant dung paper piece is part of a collection that will make it's debut at Music, Art and Africa at the Grand Theatre in London Ontario, Canada October 9th,...
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Music, Art and Africa in Canada

The Girls are  excited to exhibit their first full collection of original oil paintings on elephant dung paper. They are also thrilled to feature the work of their good friend Nicola Coady, a Canadian artist now living in South Africa.  Singer extraordinaire Denise Pelley will entertain, and it's also the official launch of Jacquie Gauthier's...
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