Kingfishers - Two girls and an elephant

Beautiful Birds

Those of us who are blessed to live in the South African bush are surrounded by beauty literally  from the moment we awaken each morning.  When Tracy and Martin den Dunnen open their eyes often the first thing they see are colourful kingfishers. The beautiful birds dart in and out of the tree outside their bedroom window.  Tracy wanted to bring that image into the bedroom of their stunning home on Zandsruit Bush and Aero Estate,  so The Girls got to work on a large canvas that would fill the space above the couple’s bed.

Tracy wanted an image that was colourful, cheerful and modern.  The Girls had fun creating the design and bringing the image to life.   Tracy calls the result “spectacular!”

If you have an idea for an image you would like to enhance your home, contact Two Girls and an Elephant to create a unique piece of art just for you!

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