Life, Love and Africa – A little privacy, please?

My husband and I have been living in the South African bushveld for nearly seven years now.  Every day brings  new experiences, and we never forget how fortunate we are to be surrounded by creatures of every description.We never tire of watching them. But sometimes we forget how many eyes are actually on us!

We’re quite used to the monkeys looking through the windows, and the porcupines that stroll over to the deck to see if any good compost has been left out.  But we have been surprised by the teddy bear faced dwarf mongooses who have been so curious about us that they’ve actually ventured into the lounge, and walked right over our feet.

By far the most unnerving experience occurred when I was enjoying our outdoor shower. We’d taken great care to ensure that no one passing by the house would be able to look in, so I wasn’t concerned about my privacy.  As I rinsed the shampoo out of my hair ,I opened my eyes to discover an entire audience. A beautiful blue-headed agama lizard was taking a good look from his vantage point on a tree branch . A pair of sunbirds gazed up from their perch on one of the plants right in the shower, and above me looking down, Paulus the resident peacock taking in the full view of my “Full Monty”.

The time for modesty was obviously long past,  but I quickly grabbed the towel from its hook and wrapped it around me in an effort not to track water into the house as I rushed to get my camera. As I secured the towel around my chest, I felt something scaly wriggling on my back. The towel was off in an instant. I don’t know who was more startled; me or the little lizard who had been sleeping in the folds of my towel.  I screamed louder, but he ran faster.

I love living in Africa!

A peeping peacock

Adorable dwarf mongoose

My shower mate the agama lizard

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