December 2015 / MONTHLY ARCHIVES

Kingfishers - Two girls and an elephant

Beautiful Birds

Those of us who are blessed to live in the South African bush are surrounded by beauty literally  from the moment we awaken each morning.  When Tracy and Martin den Dunnen open their eyes often the first thing they see are colourful kingfishers. The beautiful birds dart in and out of the tree outside their bedroom window.  Tracy wanted...
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Two girls and an elephant - Two girls and a Leopard

Wine, Women and Art

It was a winning combination at Witschi Weine in St. Gallen Switzerland. The opening of our exhibition of canvas pieces hosted by Sandro and Nathalie Haser at their wonderful wine boutique also allowed us Two Girls to share some of our favourite South African wines with our new friends in Switzerland.  Thanks to all those who came out to...
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