September 2015 / MONTHLY ARCHIVES

Two girls and an elephant - lazy Leopard

Sexy Beast

The lion may be king of beasts, but the leopard is surely the sex symbol. This guy was posing seductively in the riverbed waking up from a long afternoon nap.  This original oil on elephant dung paper piece is part of a collection that will make it's debut at Music, Art and Africa at the Grand Theatre in London Ontario, Canada October 9th,...
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Two girls and an elephant - a party at the Grand

Music, Art and Africa in Canada

The Girls are  excited to exhibit their first full collection of original oil paintings on elephant dung paper. They are also thrilled to feature the work of their good friend Nicola Coady, a Canadian artist now living in South Africa.  Singer extraordinaire Denise Pelley will entertain, and it's also the official launch of Jacquie Gauthier's...
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