"Photography meets fine art and elephant conservation"

Jacquie is a self taught photographer who likes to paint. Alicia is a self taught fine artist who likes to take photographs. Both are in their element living in Hoedspruit Limpopo South Africa, where they are constantly inspired by the stunning scenery, the exotic animals and the vibrant people who surround them. The Girls love to play with their creativity, producing images that combine photography and fine art.

The concept of using elephant dung paper appealed to both girls. They love its organic look and feel, and view it as the ultimate in recycling, creating something beautiful out of pure waste. Its use also provides an opportunity to publicize the plight of the elephant in order to raise funds and awareness for conservation


Our range features original oil paintings and prints of our paintings, charcoal drawings and photographs.

We also do commission work. Contact us to have a special piece created just for you!

Originals and Prints come with Certificate of Authenticity.

When you buy one of our prints, you take home an authentic piece of Africa and you also support elephant conservation.  Our prices include a 10% donation to Elephants Alive South Africa!

Please note prices include the donation to Elephants Alive and Air Freight insurance.  Please contact us for local South African shipping rates.

Original Art

We do commissions!

Original oil paintings on canvas.

Original oil paintings on elephant dung paper.nnOriginal charcoal sketches on high quality art paper.

Prints of our paintings and charcoal sketches are available in various sizes on canvas, elephant dung paper and high quality photographic paper


Prints of all our original artwork (oil, charcoal and photography) are available on our special hand made elephant dung paper.

All images come mounted and ready for framing.



Our photos are available in colour or in black and white. You can choose to have them printed on canvas, elephant dung paper or on high quality photographic paper.

They come mounted, and ready for framing.


Jacquie is a former Canadian media personality who made her way to South Africa via Sudan. While on a mission trip with Canadian Aid for South Sudan, she met her soon- to- be husband Johann, a South African paramedic who was working there on a U.N. contract. It didn’t take long for her to fall in love with Johann, and with the South African wilderness. They eloped t and eventually moved to Hoedspruit where they could be close to nature and see the magnificent animals every day. Jacquie tells their story in her book "The Gift of an Elephant"now available on Amazon.

Alicia is a South African horticulturalist who had a successful career in Pretoria. She and her husband Rob heard the call of the wild and decided to move their young family to Hoedspruit where their children could attend a nature based school and grow up in a small close knit community. This small town is also an incubator for creativity, and Alicia’s natural artistic talent blossomed.

The Two Girls are  busy creating new images. Please check back often to see what's new!

The statistics are staggering; 36,000 African elephants are brutally slain every year!


The statistics are staggering; 36,000 African elephants are brutally slain by poachers every year. That’s 96 a day. One elephant killed every 15 minutes. If the killing continues at this rate, there will be no elephants left in the wild in 2025. This is the deciding decade- a critical time in the life of this majestic, ecologically important animal.

The Elephant is what is known as a keystone species. Their activity influences the landscape, the plants and the other animals around them. When they knock down a tree, other animals gain access to the leaves for food and a new place to build a nest and breed. There is no better propagator of plant life. Their droppings deliver seeds to new locations, conveniently encased in fertilizer.

Their impressive footprints catch rain water creating small pools for other animals to drink from. Virtually every move they make creates ripples through the eco system. The landscape of the African Bush will be forever changed without their majestic presence. There are many organizations working to ensure the survival of elephants. Let’s throw our support behind them to ensure the survival of this magnificent species. Two Girls and an Elephant donates to Elephants Alive in South Africa.


To make the paper, the  elephant dung is sterilized in boiling caustic soda then dried, creating a pure fibre.

Water is added and the fibre is mixed into a pulp and rolled into balls. Each ball makes one sheet of paper.

The ball is spread out evenly on to a screen and put out in the sun to dry.

After a few sunny days, the result is a textured organic paper that serves as a unique canvas for our images.

The texture gives the art work a primitive character.


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